Bears of Glendale Cove

The postal services of Canada and the USA were finally able to deliver the flash card full of bear images from the BBRN! The images we received from the BBRN are of bears from Glendale Cove, located on the south side of Knight Inlet along the central coast of British Columbia, Canada. This is one of a number of sights where the BBRN have been monitoring bears for a number of years.

From the dataset provided, we have extracted 1309 bear face chips representing 59 different individuals. Combined with what we have from Brooks Falls so far, we have a total of about 2500 faces from 106 different bears.

Below is a table of the Glendale Cove bear chip data. The table has a row for each bear. The columns are:

  • ID: the bear’s identification name
  • Count: the number of face chips we have for the bear
  • Example Face Images: a few example face chips (normalized and cropped) for the bear
ID Count Example Face Images
Adeane 1
Also 23
Amber 85
Aurora 11
Beatrice 50
Bella 83
Bellanore 32
Bracket 7
Bruno 5
Caramel 27
Chestnut 26
Cleo 10
Clyde 6
Coco 6
Cross Paw 6
Dani Bear 27
Diablo 4
Fisher 29
Flora 46
Frank 38
Freckles 12
Freda 1
Freya 3
Gary 11
GC 63
Glory 4
Hoeya 21
Jaque 13
Kiokh 4
Kwatse 42
Lenore 65
Lillian 18
Lil’ Willy 35
Lucky 46
Matsui 6
Millerd 13
Mouse 29
Neana 41
No Tail 7
Old Girl 9
Oso 13
Peanut 15
Pete 25
Pirate 1
Pretty Boy 3
River 21
Sallie 7
Santa 7
Shaniqua 8
Simoom 12
Stella 8
Steve 37
Teddy Blonde 24
Teddy Brown 14
Thumper 0
Toffee 23
Topaz 37
Trouble 26
Tuna 28
Ursa 35

More Photos Please

If you have decent quality photos or videos of the Glendale Cove bears, or of any other brown bears, please contact us at bearid [at] hypraptive [dot] com or photos [at] bearresearch [dot] org.